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Christmas Tree Bugs: Avoiding the Unwanted Gift Under the Tree!

‘Tis the season to venture out in frosty weather to find your perfect Christmas tree. And for many, only a real tree will do. Going to a Christmas tree farm with the family is a favorite holiday tradition that cannot be replaced with an artificial tree coming down from the attic. The wonderful smell alone says Christmas time is here.

Common Pests Hiding in Your Christmas Tree

Sometimes the real greenery can come complete with a variety of Christmas tree bugs overjoyed with the opportunity to enjoy the comforts of your warm home. Some of the most common pests include aphids, spiders, bark beetles, mites, and even a praying mantis egg sack.

These pests are hard to spot when out buying your tree, especially in the winter when it gets dark early. Most tree bugs go dormant in cold weather, so there is little movement. But, once the tree is in your warm home, the rise in temperature will begin to wake them up.

How to Choose a Christmas Tree

When only a real tree will do for your family, here are a few tips on avoiding the bugs that sometimes come with them:

  1. Bring along a flashlight and inspect the tree while still at the nursery or lot. Look for any movement, sawdust, or white sacs around the areas greenery attaches to the bark.
  2. Remove any bird nests on the tree that could harbor parasites.
  3. Shake your tree vigorously to dislodge any bugs. Many Christmas tree sellers have mechanical shakers that do a fairly good job of getting rid of not only bugs, but also dead needles and pollen.

Never use any over-the-counter insecticides on or near your tree. Most insecticides are flammable, and the heat of your Christmas tree lights could ignite the tree.

When Unwanted Pests Are Dampening Your Christmas Spirit

Ecola has a solution to keep your Christmas spirits high. Should your tree contain unwanted guests, call Ecola for a free pest inspection at (800) 471-BUGS (2847). We can identify and eliminate bugs so you can go back to enjoying your holiday season bug-free.

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