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How Proactive Pest Control Drives Home Value

Every homeowner enjoys the perks that homeownership provides, and performing regular maintenance on that home is key to ensuring it remains a personal and financial asset to you and your family. With ongoing foresight and diligence, not only will your home remain a sanctuary for you and your family, but it will also increase in value.

Pest-Proof Your Home

Warm weather is the time of year when bugs come out of hibernation and thrive, warns home repair legend, Bob Vila. There are two things homeowners should eliminate to keep your home from becoming a habitat for pests: cracks or gaps and moisture.

Cracks and gaps allow these pests easy entry into your home, where they begin to breed indoors. Moisture both inside and outside your home is also needed for pests to live and breed. Here are some of the tasks Bob Vila recommends:

  • Seal window, door, and foundation cracks and gaps with caulk.
  • Clean gutters regularly.
  • Replace any rotted wood on decks with engineered wood products.
  • Ensure you have no standing water in items such as old tires or flower pots.
  • Eliminate moisture in crawl spaces and basements.

The only way to keep pests in check is vigilance. But even the most vigilant homeowner can still discover a pest problem. When this happens, the best way for how to kill ants, how to kill roaches, or how to kill bed bugs is to call in a pest control specialist right away.

Pest Control to the Rescue

A pest control company such as Ecola has many methods for preventing and eliminating pests. Call Ecola for a free termite inspection, as these pests are one of the most destructive to your home and one of the hardest to discover on your own.

Should you require termite control, Ecola’s methods include natural termite control solutions that are family-friendly. An Ecola inspection will also let you know if you need rodent control or any other type of pest remediation.

Performing regular home maintenance on your home on your own is key to keeping the value of your home at its best. Calling Ecola at 800-471-BUGS (2847) for additional help is one of the easiest and smartest tasks on that maintenance list. So reduce your pest stress and call Ecola today.

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